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Halmrast Has Served Moorhead For Generations In Education


Lynn Halmrast is a highly educated, experienced, but humble leader, who has spent his entire career serving Moorhead. He is now seeking to continue that service in St. Paul as the next representative for Minnesota's House District 4A, representing the Moorhead area.  

Lynn and his wife, Rae, are longtime residents of Moorhead, MN. Since first moving to Moorhead when he was just 12 years old, Lynn's love and compassion for the area grew and he has immersed himself in the Moorhead education system at all levels.

Due to his commitment to education and the mental health of students, Lynn Halmrast has been a leader in education for over 30 years in the Moorhead Public Schools (ISD152), where he has partnered with parents, administration and teachers to develop effective educational programming that focused on a holistic approach to education. 


With his gentle approach and leadership, Lynn Halmrast is trusted by teachers and administrators to create winning solutions, which is evident during his time as the Vice President, President and Past President  of the local teacher's union.  Additionally, Lynn has served the Moorhead area as a mental health professional for years in his private practice, at the college level and in the public sector for Clay County.

Lynn received his degree in Biology from Concordia College, Moorhead in 1971 and continued his studies at Minnesota State University Moorhead where he obtained his M.S.Ed. in 1974 and his Psy.S. in School Psychology in 1986. Lynn completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Family Psychology in 1987.

However, Lynn wasn't the first in his family to leave a mark on Moorhead Schools. Halmrast is a name that is synonymous with Moorhead Public Schools. Starting with Lynn's uncle, Clifford Halmrast, who received the Jay Phillips Award in 1968 for his contributions to Moorhead Schools, followed by the naming of Halmrast Football Field in 1967.  Clifford was recently  inducted in the Moorhead High School Hall of Honor in 2021.

Clifford Halmrast - 2021 Inductee in the Moorhead High School Hall of Honor and Lynn Halmrast's uncle.

Halmrast Is A Man On A Mission 


Lynn Halmrast has never been a man to shy away from a challenge.  Outside of the classroom, Lynn's courage for adventure is encapsulated in the 1980-1982 expedition of Moorhead's very own Hjemkomst Viking Ship.  Lynn sailed alongside 12 other sailors from Duluth to New York City, where he disembarked to make it back home to be with his first son, while the remaining crew journeyed across the ocean to Norway.  Lynn later met up with the crew in Norway to finish the Hjemkomst Expedition.


As a sailor, Lynn has made it a practice to push himself outside his comfort zone no matter how rough the seas.  It is in this spirit that Lynn, takes on the challenge of representing the people of Moorhead and the surrounding area in Minnesota's House District 4A.  


Even though Lynn is no stranger to dealing with difficult situations, with his gentle way and humble approach, Lynn has been a proven leader, who works well with others no matter their political affiliation, to achieve results and will do the same as a MN House Representative in St. Paul.

Vote Halmrast for Minnesota House District 4A in Moorhead
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